minä perhonen / minagawa akira TSUZUKU

Textile Story

designs derived from tambourine

good old
2018-19→Autumn / Winter

Crochet-like pastoral flowery motifs, remind us of a scenery that old ladies gather and sit around, chat and always move their hands for crochet.

Jelly flower
2017→Spring / Summer

Flowers are dancing in full bloom in the field. Petals, transparently thin and delicate, are gently stitched at the pistils on the background. A notion derived from our original pattern tambourine, to compose a scenery where a single motif is sequenced in a concrete expression.

2016→Spring / Summer

A circle fit comfortably in a square. Outside the circle is embroidered by many layer of stitches allowing the shape of circle to stand out clearly. This minimum and contemporary design, that exists as a negative-positive relation, brings back to our initial long lasting design tambourine.

2007-08→Autumn / Winter

Delicious tartes, glisten in a showcase of patisserie. Sweet ovals are arranged gracefully with colorful edges of well-rounded grains.

2019→Spring / Summer

Anemones in the field, fluttering through the wind. Light air coming in from the corner of each flower's opening. This is one concrete expression, achieved from tambourine that we've tried time to time.

2000-01→Autumn / Winter

Drew a circle with little dots and connected each one. And made a circle of dots. Each grain is uneven and well-rounded, stitched over and over after hand-drawn sketches. This embroidery pattern called tambourine became the most representational design of minä perhonen.

2010→Spring / Summer

Dearest. Flowers cuddle and smile at each other.

tambourine grande
2003-04→Autumn / Winter

The minä perhonen classic tambourine enlarged to twice the usual size, on a wide-wale corduroy base.

design for textile

2012→Spring / Summer

Summer forest, rained in a morning dew, transformed by a shine of sunlight. Calm silence, appears only a little in this fresh season. Velvet jacquard.

2010→Spring / Summer

Blowing dust dances like a flock of birds in wilderness. Mosaic style of painting with color pencils.

soda water
2001→Spring / Summer

Bubbles floating, bouncing each other and merging. We can recognise a collection of particles even they are combined together. The border lines of dots are distinguished by changing direction of twill weave. An experimental yet exciting textile we found.

sleeping flower
2021-22→Autumn / Winter

This textile was inspired by a photo of a woman offering a flower to a soldier with a gun(”Jan Rose Kasmir Facing the Pentagon and Guns”), taken by Marc Riboud in 1967. The fundamental idea that kindness rather than conflict makes people happier is a mentality that requires renewed contemplation in today’s society where discrimination and division are an issue. Under the camouflage patterns, there are white flowers blooming all over.

2007-08→Autumn / Winter

Winter forest in a silvery fog. Here and there, birds rest their wings. A serene scenery by velvet jacquard with lustered pile. We finally found a mill to realize this idea, waiting to become real for years. Since then, we continue to release new expression of velvet jacquard.

2017-18→Autumn / Winter

Flowers are vividly blooming. Embracing breeze and letting the lights to go through. Take a deep breath, we are in a kaleidoscope of flower.

2019-20→Autumn / Winter

How creatures, plants and light in the forest exist in harmony Symphony, in the hope for building joy and sense of security with mutual communication and harmony among differences. The same design is also made with velvet jacquard technique.

2003→Spring / Summer

Swimmers going through an ocean. The shimmer and deep color of water splashes, a contrast among player's skin, and vivid colors of swimwear. Using a painted paper, tearing into small pieces and continuously pasting one by one, creating a lively presence.

hana no mi
2013-14→Autumn / Winter

A fruitful life. Energy of life exuded into light and turned into a fruit like flowers.